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...Quality and Affordable Medicines for All

CHI Pharmaceuticals Limited is a member of Tropical General Investment (TGI) group which focuses on vital growth areas of the Nigerian economy. TGI has a presence in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals & Health care
  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals & Personal Care Products
  • Cotton Processing
  • Fish Farming
  • Fruit Juice & Dairy Products
  • Oilfield Services

CHI Pharmaceuticals is renowned for the high standards delivered to our customers through the manufacturing and provision of quality essential medicines produced at our WHO certified plant located in Ajao Estate, Lagos. The Company holds current international quality certifications from the following agencies: WHO, UNICEF, USAID & USP. It distributes its own products and those of third party companies. Over the years, it has demonstrated competence in the area of supply and distribution of essential medicines to both the domestic and international market. At CHI Pharmaceuticals, we believe medicines should be accessible to all; thus, we are committed to facilitating the widespread availability of affordable and high quality essential medicines.


To provide high -quality essential medicines at affordable prices to meet global health needs.


To be the foremost pharmaceutical company in Africa, delivering sustainable growth and creating value for our customers and stakeholders.


QUICK: Quality Driven → United → Innovative → Customer Centric → Kaizen


At CHI Pharma, we are QUICK:

Quality driven – We have a passion for quality.
United – Team work makes the dream work. We drive success through strong collaboration and communication across departments and individuals.
Innovative – Through continuous innovation, we challenge ourselves to meet the needs of our consumers.
Customer centric – Our customers are extremely important to us. We strive to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectation.
Kaizen – Over time, we have cultivated a culture of continuous improvement where all employees are actively engaged in improving the company.


  • The youngest pharmaceutical company in Africa to obtain WHO GMP certification.
  • Pioneer local manufacturer of ORS, Zinc Sulphate and Resperidone (Antipsychotic).
  • Pioneer of the first ever public-private partnership in the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Initiative.
  • Provision of local supply alternatives of quality medicines to international donor agencies to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals.


CHI Pharmaceutical Limited develops and manufactures over 20 generic products at its state of the art WHO cGMP production facility with the capacity to produce 1.2 billion tablets, 300 million capsules and 24 million powder sachets annually. This production facility is managed by well-qualified production & QA/QC professionals.


CHI Pharmaceuticals engages in the marketing, sales and distribution of its own brands and those of multinational partners, as well as providing scientific office services. Our distribution effectiveness is enhanced by an efficient logistics department - in collaboration with established courier companies and well equipped warehouse and cold room storage in select locations.

Our distribution activities cover various channels within all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria, driven by well-trained personnel.

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